My CEBIT 2018 Review

My CEBIT 2018 Review

Before I begin let me thank Arvato for my CEBIT-Ticket. We had a very nice Meetup from the Hackathon a month ago in the evening. In this post I want to tell you about my Highlights and Impression from my CEBIT visit on Wednesday.

Founders Fight Club

On the Stand of the Founders Fight Club were some really nice Investors pitches and a very nice Format called the "Founders Fight". In the Founders Fight, two founders got one minute each to pitch their respective ideas. Then the first one can attack the start-up of the other one for one minute. The other founder can then defend himself for 1 minute and then attack too. Finally, the jury asks both founders a gut punching question about their idea. Then the audience votes who win. It was a very nice captivating concept which I would love to see elsewhere too.

About some of the start-ups I will talk about in the following:

Game Buddy

Game Buddy is a nice new startup which have the vision to connect gamers and make matchmaking for competitive games in a social network. The already released an App for League of Legends with a great conversion rate. For Revenue, they partner with gaming and hardware companies for ads. A great idea and execution, so these guys should get some publicity.


You all know the problem about social media today, businesses and confidentiality. Contracts, login infos, credit cards and other confidential information gets send in whatsapp, facebook, email in plaintext. Whispeer provides a secure social network and messaging especially for businesses. A very nice touch is for private use it's completely free.

A very nice computer science student meets software business platform. A software business can outsource development tasks to the students and the students can learn industrial relevant concepts and build a network of future employers. They do automatic code reviews. In contrast to for example hackerrank they target students and not seasoned developers.

Resources for founders I found:

As I'm currently in the progress of founding my own start-up, I was especially interested in resources for founders and other start-ups, as you can see above.

Facebook Digital School

Never heard about it before. Facebook just launched some nice tutorials and teaching resources about digital marketing and how to found your start-up completely free. You can check it out at Facebook learn

Resources for German founders

Smart Axxess

Smart axxess is a nice business and program to get you some easy and good financing from banks. They pool all your information, business plans and whatever else, and compute a rating for you. Based on the rating over 100 banks can propose credits for you.


On the Gruenderplattform you can formulate your Business Canvas and then make a nice looking business plan out of it. You get local recommendation for free consulting session and banks which can finance your idea. They can get your business plan directly from the platform and can give direct feedback on it.